TeaP 2022 - Art forms in nature: perceptual and aesthetic properties of Ernst Haeckel's drawings of new species

Most research in empirical aesthetics belongs to one of two camps: (1) focus on the relation between beauty and simple quantitative properties in well-controlled stimuli, (2) including a broader range of stimulus and aesthetic variables using more …

TeaP 2022 - Disentangling individuals’ aesthetic preferences for order and complexity: A parametric, multidimensional approach

Which visual displays do we aesthetically appreciate, and why? Order and complexity have often been suggested as important factors related to appreciation, but the exact type and direction of their relation to appreciation is still under debate. To …

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Daniel Hofmann

Individual differences in visual working memory and their relation to the perception and aesthetic appreciation of order and complexity

Astrid Warny

A systematic approach to study the relations between order, complexity, and aesthetic appreciation


the Order and Complexity Toolbox for Aesthetics